Building the future of capital formation

The STO Wizard

Modern Fundraising

Security Token Offerings can be created in minutes & investors can be managed all in one place.

Programmable Compliance

Regulatory compliance is embedded in the code of each token using our 32 smart contracts.


Any company or individual can become an issuer at a low cost, breaking down barriers to entry.

Empowering You  to Raise Seed Capital

The STO Wizard is the first step a business or individual can take to capitalize their future.

Real Estate

Raise capital for a real estate purchase & tokenize ownership to unlock greater potential liquidity for you & your investors.


Start a business or fuel its growth by raising capital directly from investors rather than traditional VCs.

Any Purpose

Launch any type of venture by tokenizing any asset of value--e.g. stocks, bonds, equity, fine art, IP, social media channels, & much more.

Why Tokenize

Security Tokens are digital investment contracts that trade securely on the Blockchain.

Potential Liquidity

Tokens trade on 24/7 global markets, providing access to a large pool of investors.


Tokens are fractionalized into smaller component parts, allowing more investors to participate.


Token offerings are created & traded directly, bypassing Wall Street & other middlemen.

Secure Trading

Blockchain provides a transparent and permanent ledger of activity.


Investor & issuer rights such as notifications, dividend payments, governance, & more can be automated.

Offering Types

Select the type of offering type that fits your fundraising goals

Reg D 506(b)

Unlimited accredited investors & up to 35 non-accredited (must have pre-existing relationship). No advertising.

Reg D 506(c)

Unlimited offering size, US accredited investors or foreign investors only, advertising permitted.

Reg S

Unlimited non-US investors, all solicitation must be outside the US.


Offerings through a 3rd-party portal or other compliant means. Investors must be KYC approved.

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The STO Wizard will walk you through the process, making it easy to start raising capital.

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Secure your financial future with the STO Wizard

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To make the STO issuance process even easier, we will be releasing a Special-Purpose Turnkey solution in Q3-4 2019.
Special-Purpose STOs are tailored to specific kinds of deals like real estate investments. Our Turnkey solution will provide a complete suite of tools to make raising seed capital for real estate and other endeavors even easier, bringing Wall- Street opportunities to Main Street.

Chris Corica, CEO

With extensive experience in the finance and software marketing sector, Chris has successfully arranged $200M+ funding for property assets and recently consulted a real estate hedge fund. Chris and PrefLogic’s founder worked together on the TEK21 project where more than 2M users were aggregated.

Todd Wier, FOUNDER

Todd’s experience lies in technology and finance. His career encompasses over thirty years with time spent equally on the issuer and underwriting side of the banking equation. Todd worked as a broker on Wall Street, as well as founding and acting as the CEO of TEK21, which developed web-based applications for clients such as MGM, Capitol Records, and Budweiser.

Rhiannon Payne, CMO

Rhiannon is a dynamic marketing professional, product manager, writer, speaker, and leader in the Blockchain industry, with experience spanning software and FinTech. Rhiannon’s past clients include The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Hyatt, start-ups that have raised $50M+, and companies generating millions in monthly revenue. She is passionate about how blockchain can empower women and people in emerging economies to raise capital and innovate.

Lance Woodson, CIO

Lance’s experience includes building data centers with Cisco Systems, serving as an advisor to an IoT research facility for Lockheed Martin as well as teaching service provider routing with Juniper Networks. He began mining Bitcoin in 2012, uses network automation to maintain an Ethereum mining data center and exited his first commercial venture at age 20.

Mike Brennan, COO

Mike is a versatile software developer and entrepreneur that has worked for one of the largest high-tech retail companies in the world as a senior software engineer. Mike holds an M.B.A. and has 15+ years of experience in the tech space.

Bob Stockdale, CTO

With over eleven years of experience in software systems ranging from critical business systems to e-commerce websites, Bob is an engineer with expertise in Elixir, Java, JavaScript, Solidity, and Perl. Since 2016, he worked as the lead software engineer at Zappos.